Sunday, September 18, 2011

At the half way mark

Now that I'm in the full swing of my twentieth week of pregnancy (where did that time go?), I have to say, the past two weeks have been very exciting. Here's a quick recap:
- I managed four days of CrossFit WODs in a row, and felt great.
- I survived Karen and finished it under 14 minutes!  While I added six minutes to my previous Karen time, my wall balls are so much better than they were in February (the last time we did Karen).  It's a trade-off, and hopefully in a few months post-baby12qw, I'll have a killer Karen time.
- I'm starting to show.  It's a small bump, but it's there.  While I think people who didn't know me would have no idea that I'm pregnant, those around me now claim that they can tell that I am!  How does my bump look at 20 weeks?

- I'm definitely feeling the baby move!  The movements aren't frequent, but they are obvious.  It first felt like a "popping" sensation, but now it feels like a push or a mini-kick.  My baby is definitely saying hello!  And randomly, I usually feel it while driving.
- At Charles River CrossFit, we have a PR chalkboard.  For nearly two months, my "195 3RM Back Squat" was a prominent feature on the board, and it made me immensely proud -- a huge PR at ten weeks pregnant!  But earlier this month, I walked in to CrossFit and noticed that the board had been erased to make room for PRs for the months of September and October.  I was heartbroken, because I figured I had no shot at another PR until well after the baby comes, so it hit hard.  But then, I had a breakthrough:

While I've been doing double unders in WODs for months, I've never managed to string more than four together.  (I always do a "double, single" pattern to make it through).  I finally had a breakthrough this week while practicing double unders before a WOD and managed to string 11 in a row!  My DUs definitely still need work, but they're there!  

And perhaps the best part of the past couple weeks was going for my 18 week ultrasound.  We saw a beautiful, healthy baby, and everything looks great.  And to our great excitement, we learned we're having a girl!

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