Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ankle follow up

On Monday, I went to see one of my midwives who made me laugh as I recounted our ER story.  She was particularly disgusted with the ER nurse who couldn't find the baby's heartbeat and exclaimed in exasperation, "you should have yelled at her that you wanted a new, competent nurse!"  I appreciated her candor.
What was hard to hear, however, is that she thinks the sprain will take a long time to heal.  Since I can't take any anti-inflammatory medication because of the pregnancy, I won't have medication to help me speed up the healing process.  She wants me to take it easy and to take my time.  "That means no aerobics," she sternly decreed.  OK, aerobics is not CrossFit, but point taken.  My hope is that in a couple weeks I can get back to CF to work on some upper body strength and to see my friends and coaches -- and just get out of the house.  But my dream of being the awesome CrossFitting pregnant momma who would WOD up until labor has been shattered, so I have to adjust to slowing down.

So on that note, anyone have any good movies/TV shows on Netflix/books to recommend?  I'm currently finishing up "Animal, Vegetable Miracle" and I got to read a lot of the New York Times on Sunday.  I guess I might as well embrace my mandatory couch "stay-cation!"

And random side note: I never realized how hard it was to use crutches.  Between the crutches and my belly, balance is quite challenging these days!


  1. OK call me a giant hippie, but I really don't think you need anti-inflammatory meds to heal quickly. High-tail it into strict paleo mode, get your 8+ hours of quality sleep, take your fish oil, and ice your ankle with frozen dixie cups as much as you can stand it!

    I feel so bad for you being on crutches whilst pregnant. Even as a Crossfitter I found being on crutches really, really difficult when I had foot surgery a few years ago!

    I just finished reading Larry McMurty's Lonesome Dove and it was amazing but gave me nightmares for a few nights towards the end. I just started reading Jeffrey Eugenides' new book, The Marriage Plot and am so far in love! A much needed humorous break from all the crazy adventure of Lonesome Dove. :)

  2. I agree, Lindsay! Since I've had previous liver problems I'm not allowed to take NSAIDs and can only take Tylenol (which isn't an anti-inflammatory, only anti-pain). I haven't had any increase in healing time with injuries, really, just possibly a bit more pain if there is inflammation or swelling. Keep up the icing and hopefully you can still keep active in other ways! Got a stationary bike lying around? Anything to keep from getting too bored! :)

  3. I think that's a really good point, and one that I hadn't thought of. I remember when I changed my diet, I was able to go off my Allegra without much of a problem. Brooke, I just need to get better at icing it! I do wonder if the ligament stretching in pregnancy will pose a problem, but we'll see! I'm trying to stay off it as much as possible. :) But a stationary bike sounds like a plan...
    And humorous books are what I need -- I'll look into The Marriage Plot!


    This book is the first of an amazing series!!

    Hope to see you soon:)